in camera
Here comes your bride with her veil on;
approach her you wretch, if you dare.
Approach her, you ape with your tail on:
once you have her she'll always be there.
Ah, but don't go home with your hard-on,
it will only drive you insane.
You can't shake it or break it with your Motown
and you can't break it down in the rain.

A nervous Eamonn, shaking so much he's blurring.

How Eamonn remained composed in this shot, while Bod aimed an
imaginary champagne bottle at him, is a mystery to me.

A nervous Grainne.

Given that he has his hands in his pockets, Bod is smiling
a bit too much for my liking.

Before the storm.

The storm.

Bench warrant.

The receipt... in case I need to bring it back.

Thinking of something nice to say.



Giddy as a lamb.

The view from the children's table.


Coming up roses.

Tasty desert.

Bod, taking a piss out of the window.

The best man.

Public smooch as dude and chick.