Bringing out baby.

We were looking for places to bring Martha, and so we thought we'd ask around, and me, being a nerd, figured we'd ask online.

So, what we have here, is a list of all the places we know that have baby-changing facilities, don't mind breastfeeding and are otherwise quite good with babies.

I admit that we're starting from our own information, which is limited to where we live, and where we've managed to get to since herself came onto the scene, so if you want to add new locations, please do, by clicking here.

I'm trying this out as a mobile service, so if you're out and about (in Dublin only, I'm afraid) you can point your mobile at and select a landmark that you're nearest to and it'll tell you the places close to you that are good for babies.

Right now, there are 30 locations in this list: show them all.
27 are waiting for approval.

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